Certified Timber

We believe strongly in the great potential of durable production. On of our aims is promoting the use of certified timber in our products. For this reason we have been motivated to use as much certified wood as possible.

The past has proved that this is very much appreciated by our customers. Except this, we also believe in a social paragraph for our employees. This means that we avoid polluted production methods and striving towards a healthy and safe work environment, with effective trainings and motivation for our employees.

Woods and the products which it generates of economic value, must remain attractive; this ensures that the sustainability of the woods will be preserved by investors. This strategy has proved to be successful.

We serve our own saw mill which exclusively FSC 100% process pure tropical hardwood logs. The main type is Meranti family, Merbau and Bankirai. Beside the saw mill we have to a wide offer production facilities to process wood to semi finished and finished products. In this facility we dry already our wood by using processing boiler detritus. Wood from the chambers is then further processed. Products can be fingerjointed or are laminated to use of the available raw materials to the limit. This production facility produces merely FSC 100% products.

Except the production of FSC 100% products we have contracted also long-term friendships and cooperation with several production companies, which have taken over our philosophy. These companies provide a mixture to certified wood products such as Merbau, Bankirai, Rubberwood, Meranti and Durian. These products contain for example decking, plywood, doors, casings and floors.