Wood United Group


Wood United is Singapore based company with a production facility in Samarinda and office in Surabaya Indonesia,. From here we supply timber products all over the world.

From production engineering to production satisfaction

Through our own production facilities and close cooperation with our partners, we are able to produce and supply a wide variety of products, ranging from sawn timber to fully finished consumer goods. Our team of product specialists are always developing and engineering new products to suit customer requirements.

Wood United supplies substantial volume to the leading distributors in the European and UK timber business. This volume makes us one of the largest timber sourcing and manufacturing companies in Asia. Besides the sourcing raw material, Wood United is a strong believer in adding value focusing on semi-finished and fully finished products.

Wood United’s quality team assists local companies in achieving European standards to ensure premium products. By doing so we guarantee that the shipped and delivered products are to the full satisfaction of our customers. Our portfolio consists of branded as well as private label products, for the global construction industry.