WU Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

Timber processing

Wood United Pte. Ltd. focuses on the factory operations in Indonesia. Among others there is our sawmill and production plant in Samarinda, located in the east Provence of Kalimantan on the island Borneo. Main market for these FSC pure products are Europe and UK.

This factory operates a 100% FSC dedicated sawmill, a complete processing quality control line, 1000m3 of Kiln Dry capacity, Moulding plant, KOMO Fingerjointing and KOMO lamination lines.

140 workers and a dedicated key staff work here to produce only the best FSC timber products in both commodities as in specially for the costumer engineered white label products.


Our sawmill consists of a breakdown, dual line pony saws, and en bandsaws operated by sawmill and timber experts.

Our sawblade doctor ensures all equipment is in perfect condition for maximum results. After the sawmill all timber is selected a first time before going to AD.


Our Kilns are all green powered, in everything we do we try to be as entirely friendly as possible. The leftover waste and sawdust of the entire factory is used to power our green Kiln Drying facility. Our security system staff monitors and fine tunes the drying process 24h a day.

Grading, moulding and KOMO line.

Our well equipped grading line selects and grades all timber according to our costumers wish and specification. After that our lamination, fingerjointing and moulding teams produce any product the costumer can dream of. From square 70x120mm to glasbeads, fully painted window frames, engineered products, decking and all kinds of special profiles are no problem for our expert team.

Besides sustainable entrepreneurship we also believe our people are our most important asset. Therefore we invest in the training and education or our people, there welfare, medical assistance and living environment.

We are proud to be KOMO certified for our fingerjointing and laminating lines.
Fingerjointed timber for non-loadbearing applications according to BRL 1704-02 cert. 33222/10
Optimized timber for non-loadbearing applications according to BRL 2902 cert. 33234/10

We are commited to implement and maintain
PEFC COC requirements.

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Factory in Indonesia: